Sunday, July 28, 2013

Borrowed from the boys

Wildfox pre fall 2013
Anne Valerie Hash via

 After the creation of the genius and ever so stylish  boyfriend jean, women all over the world were caught raiding there men's closets.  Even though they made their debut a couple of years ago, they have managed to stay in popular demand.  This must have gotten our favorite designers minds spinning with the thought of taking this "men's wear" trend a bit further.  Now, women's Men's wear is everywhere.  See what I did there.  Manspiration has taken over and in every area.  Boyfriend blazers, tees, trousers,shorts and even shoes, Hello, cute and comfy oxfords!!! It has also made quite an impact on how to wear everyday pieces as well.  For instance, bye bye are the days where tight is in.  Big and baggy is "In" and quickly becoming the popular kid in school .  From  jeans, trackies, t-shirts to vests and blazers, up sizing has given bodycon a run for it's money.  I happen to love this trend being that I am petite, things tend to naturally run big on me. Though, I will admit when I first heard of the menswear trend, I was definitely thinking that designers must have run out of ideas.  I mean, how is menswear going to look sexy.  Well I'll admit it.  I was wrong. There is a first time for everything;-)  When done right this look creates a strong streamlined  look producing an essence of tomboyish femininity.  How do you do this, you ask?  By creating balance.  For instance, if you wear baggy boyfriend jeans, make sure you have a girly top or glam heels.  Wearing trackies or leather joggers, pair them with a cute crop top and a pair of lace up sandals.  Want to try trousers, opt for a silky wrap blouse to show a little skin.  Last but not least, there is a difference between baggy and "swimming in it."  You want to look like you threw on your boyfriends pants, not like the girl in the diet pill commercial that just lost 100lbs ;-) Now go and check out your man's closet and be manspired.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Ova the Top!!!

Elle Canada
Ksubi Spring 2013 lookbook


As I'm sure you can tell from past posts that I LOVE all things edgy.  I have always wanted to stand out from the crowd rather than blend in.  So as soon as I discovered the leather harness/ bralette, I fell head over heels in love.  This super sexy piece adds that perfect amount of sex appeal along with an edgy kick ass vibe.   It has an amazing versatility about it, that lends itself to endless outfit options.  You can wear it alone as a sexy crop top with a pencil skirt, harem pants or, if you prefer a non conventional more modest look,  pair it over the top of a white tee with a pair of jeans, which happens to be my personal fav.   So, if you are feeling like making an edgy  super sexy statement,  I highly recommend you try out this daring piece.  Like a sexy vixen, work it  with swagger!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Birkenstocks back alright!!!

Elle Denmark July 2013
Dion Lee

Dion lee resort 14
Dion lee resort 14

  They say, what comes around, goes around and with fashion, this is definitely a true statement.  I'm always partial to trends that come along and activate your sense memory enabling you to reminisce on happy past times in your life.  It's also a plus when it does this, while simultaneously keeping you looking ever so stylish.  Past seasons have gotten our adrenaline pumping by revisited the 60's, 70's and recently the 80's however get ready for plaid shirts tied around the waist, grunge looks galore and super comfy Birkenstock sandals because the 90's are back.  Woot woot!   I love the fact that these trendy sandals are one of those items that most people have owned at one time in their life and if you are a clothes and shoes hoarder like myself, all it takes is a visit to the back of your closet to find these treasures.  I would like to thank Céline for bringing these bad boys back into the limelight.  I know my feet will be happy take a break from the always sexy but uncomfortable heels and enjoy prancing around in the super comfy and now very stylish and "In" Birkenstocks.  Let your inner grunge girl out and