Monday, August 26, 2013

Miu Miu York

Pants:, Top:, Bag: Celine, Sunnies: rayban, Jacket: h&m,  Necklace:F21

I always find it difficult to do personal pics.  First for all, I am not a model(as you can tell) and still trying to find which poses and angles work best for me.  Secondly, My husband is my photographer and well, to put it nicely, he is not a professional and he hates having to do it.  Lastly, I am normally, ok ok... always running late and I try to do these pics right before I go out.  In other words, these photo shoots tend to be rather rushed.  To add to things, My cameras are not exactly great.  But none the less, I love my blog and all of you so....  It is worth all of the trouble :-).  But enough blabbing.   Now, onto the fashion.  These wide legged pants with a fold over waist happen to be one of my favorites.  Not only are they super comfy and cute but are able to be dressed up or down, and with the fold over waist can be worn as high or low waisted.  Can we say versatility? A quality I hold near and dear since my personal style tends to be quite bi polar.  Lets face it, this girl needs options.   The adorable crop tee with the creatively kitschy phrase Miu Miu York, screams street style and, lets face it, is super cute.  It's boxy, slightly baggy fit, is one of my favorite trends this season.  Adding an edgy element, I finished the look with my H&M leather jacket and a pair of Aviator sunnies. 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Haute Hats

Hats have always been and remain an essential part of my wardrobe.  I love their versatility and ability to enhance any look.  Not to mention, the fact they they make those unavoidable bad hair days bearable.  It still amazes me how such a simple piece can completely alter any outfit.  Every season tends to focus on a certain style and type of hat and while summer featured the sporty leather cap, the impending cooler climates are perfect for this seasons crowned jewel, the  rounded wide brimmed hat.  This chic hat appears to be the love child of the  always cool fedora and the classy floppy hat.  Ah yes....that perfect mix of casual and dressy, my fav combination.  It's versatility lends itself to endless outfit options.  You can go the casual route and pair with baggy boyfriend jeans and a cropped top or dress it up with a sexy slip dress.  This hat is definitely this seasons must have accessory.  So, if you haven't purchased one yet, I suggest you get one now.  You won't regret it.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Smells like Team spirit

Being a girly girl, born and raised in Alabama, where football is like a religion, I have seen my fair share of team jerseys. And  since they are normally reserved for Athletes and their legions of fans, I had never viewed them as a super stylish addition to my wardrobe. But thanks to the fab people at Les Plus Dores, I have officially changed my mind.  Fashion obsessed people like myself are able to join in on the team spirit fun and support there fav iconic designers .  These dream team designer tees enable you to proclaim the world which iconic designer you fancy.   Each shirt exhibits the designers surname and year of birth.   Others have been inspired to add to this trend and take it a bit further by showcasing  not simply designers, but also  models, musicians, actors and  even funny catch phrases.  I must say that I am surprised that this simple concept of a T-shirt with names and numbers didn't catch on sooner.  The only difficult part for me is deciding who to support.  Personally, I would like one of each.   I haven't seen a Cobain one yet so I am quite tempted to put on my DIY hat and make one.  So, get in team spirit mode, release your inner sporty chic and root for your favs with these sexy T-shirts.  They will make an excellent addition to any outfit.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Mad about some plaid..

Dress: F21,  Jacket: H&M,  Bag: Celine,  Plaid blouse: A&F

Hello my lovelies.  I would like to apologize for the lack of posts lately but I've been in a little bit of a funk, but don't worry, I'm getting back to my cray cray obsessed with fashion self, so I will be flooding you in fashion fabulousness soon.  Say that five times fast.;-)   Any the important part, The Fashion.  As I'm sure all of you have noticed, there has been as influx of 90's grunge influences popping up everywhere and It is definitely a trend I have been partaking in. I'm obsessed with the shirts tied around the waist trend and have been rocking them for the past couple of months,  I wanted to mix it up and do it a little different by pairing it with a flowy maxi dress as opposed to the normal shorts and a tank look.  I definitely recommend you try it.  It gives a girly dress just the right amount of grunginess.  And to top it off, I paired my outfit with the always sexy leather moto jacket.  I don't think there is anything a moto jacket doesn't improve.  This one I purchased from H&M and It is so far one of my fav purchases this summer.  If you don't already own one, you need to go and get one.  I can see them making there way into the fall and winter seasons as well.